Quick and Easy Tater Bag Pattern!

I am finally posting our first FREE Pattern!  Have you heard about the Tater Bags?  These little quilted wonders perfectly cook your taters in the microwave in no time!  

Cutting Instructions:
Outer Bag – Cut one  11″ x 21″ piece of fabric
Lining – Cut one 11″ x 21″ piece of fabric
Warm Tater Batting – Cut one 11″ x 21″ piece

**You don’t have to use different fabrics for the outer bag and lining.  You may decide to use the same fabric.  If so, just cut two 11″ x 21″ pieces of the same fabric.

Next, layer your fabrics RIGHT sides together and put the batting on top.

Pin all three layers along the 11″ side.  Please note…in the picture below the batting is on bottom for picture purposes only.  You will want to have the batting on top when you sew this together.  Otherwise, your batting may stick to your feed dogs.  

After you sew both 11″ sides, you will turn your fabric sandwich RIGHT sides out.  The Tater Batting will now be on the inside with the RIGHT sides of your fabric showing.

Topstitch 1/4″ from the end on both 11″ sides.

Now we’re ready to sew up the side seams.   Make sure the lining fabric is on the outside when you fold up your bag to sew the side seams.  In the pictures below, you see the red polka dot fabric folded over.  That will be the inside of my bag.

You need to fold the short flap first.  I folded mine down about 3.5″ and pinned it in place.

Then fold up the bottom flap.  This flap should overlap the 3.5″ flap by 1″ and pin in place.

You can see I used my 6″ x 24″ ruler to help me get a good fold and to keep the fabric from buckling on the inside.

Now you are ready to sew up those side seams.  I went over mine twice just to make sure it holds.  You could also use a serger.   The last thing you need to do is flip your bag right sides out. 

You can see my red polka dot fabric peeking out in the below picture.  

Please make sure you always  watch over your tater bag in the microwave.  Do not leave it unattended.  A large potato will cook in about 3-5 minutes.  I always keep an eye on mine because they can overcook before you know.  Oh, I also wrap my tater in a paper towel then stuff it in the bag.

Please feel free to email us at info@quiltinglodge.com or leave a comment if you have any questions!

14 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Tater Bag Pattern!”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to make this wonderful tutorial. I made one last night and can’t wait until lunch to cook my sweet potato 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your time and talent.
    This would be a great gift for someone with diabetes as sweet potatoes are a great food for people with this condition.


    1. Beckie Dobbins

      I’ve been using my tater bag made just like this (not quilted) and washed it many times without any problems with shifting. If you want to quilt it you have to use an extra piece of material over the batting (1 on top and `1 on the bottom to quilt…then continue as instructed with the second step) otherwise when you “flip” it after sewing the batting would show.

  3. Best instructions for this project I have found! Thank you for providing nice images and easy directions! I can’t wait to make one!

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