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Why My Mom is My Hero

I would like to take a moment to wish all the Veterans, past and present, a belated Happy Veteran’s Day.  I know I’m a day late but I spent yesterday with my Veteran who was enjoying his day off.  I am forever grateful to my husband for his service and dedication to this country.  My… Read More

Attaching Binding to Quilts

Happy Monday to everyone!  We had quite the exciting weekend around here.  We experienced our first earthquake as a family.  There was a 5.6 quake centered near Sparks Oklahoma which is about 175 miles from us.  We felt it loud and clear!  Not something I care to experience again anytime soon.  We didn’t have any… Read More

Sneak Peek ~ What a Week!

Thank goodness this week is coming to a close.  What a busy week!  I finally put on my stretchy pants and dove into some Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream.  Best Ice Cream ever.  Anyway…  Last Saturday we celebrated our daughter’s 15th birthday which was surreal.  It seems like only yesterday I was changing her diapers. … Read More

My Sewing Space

I’ve decided to be brave and share my sewing space with everyone.  It’s against my better judgment to post pictures without cleaning first but that wouldn’t be a realistic view into my daily life.  I am, after all, rather messy.  I do take time out to clean up if I absolutely have to but I… Read More

Batiks Galore!

I thought I would share a sneak peek of what’s keeping me busy.  I recently designed a pattern that I named Rectangle Tango. Now it’s time to quilt it and get it finished!  I just love the feeling of pulling it off the frame and seeing the almost finished product (don’t forget the pesky binding)! … Read More

Joining Binding Strips

I have to admit I’ve never been a fan of binding.  I love piecing tops and I love the gratification of quilting the top.  But the thought of binding makes me cringe.  In fact, I dislike it so much that the quilt I made for my mother wasn’t even finished.  I gave it to her… Read More