Spring Bouquet Quilt Finished

Yesterday was a great day.  It was the day I finished the Edyta Sitar Spring Bouquet Quilt.  This quilt was pieced and appliquéd by a local guild member who commissioned me to quilt it.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into…for real.  This quilt was A LOT of work and my biggest job to date. I’m super proud of the final result and I can’t wait to give it back to her.

This will be a show quilt so the quilting is a way more intense than normal.  I really wanted to give her something special.  I micro-quilted all the background fabric which really helps the appliqué pieces to pop.

The quilt measures 73″ x 73″ and the appliqué pieces are machine stitched.  I used 100% cotton batting (Warm and Natural) and So Fine #50 by Superior Threads.  I think there’s at least a full cone of thread in the quilt.  Yikes!  That’s a lot of thread.  All quilting is freehand done with Roscoe {my Gammil}.  He’s a non-regulated machine so the micro-quilting was a fun challenge.

The quilting took almost 6 days which includes about 6 hours of picking out stitches because I wasn’t happy with the tiny checkerboard border.

I have tons of pictures to show so you can see all the details of the quilting.

My fave flowers…
A close up of each of the 9 blocks


The orange circle appliques in this picture measure no larger than 1.25.”  The smallest one is about 1/2.”  Super tiny pieces.

The squares in the checkerboard border measure in at 3/4.”

Sorry for bombarding you all with so many pictures.  I’m just super excited to have it finished I wanted to share all the details.  This one was definitely worth all the work.  Too bad I can’t keep it….

17 thoughts on “Spring Bouquet Quilt Finished

  1. I am in total awe of this person’s applique skills!! Not to mention your quilting skills! This is absolutely stunning and should be a show stopper for sure!

  2. Awesome job on the quilting! The quilter did a fabulous job on the applique too! That leads to a fantastic quilt!!! Hope it does well for both of you at the shows!!! I don’t know how you quilt without a stitch regulator – amazing!

  3. Amazing, how I would love to be able to do something like this. Applique is my first love BUT I never could do all the background quilting. I hope this goes into a BIG show and you win an outstanding award!!. Your love really shows in your hand work…

  4. I’m working on this same quilt right now. Doing the appliqué by hand so it’s a slow but fun process. Blocks are done and working on the applique borders now. Have no idea what I will do about the quilting.

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