My January Goals

The last two days I have been focused on my January goals for the A Lovely Year of Finishes hosted by Melissa {Sew BitterSweet Designs} and Shanna {Fiber of All Sorts}.  Guess what?  I finished!!!  This has to be a first for me.  It’s only January 16th and I have finished the goal I set for January.  I’m so proud of myself.

My goal was to finish two of the quilts that have been hanging out in the “we need binding” stack.  I did one yesterday and one today!  Yippie skippie!  I was quickly reminded of how much I hate working with binding.  It is simply my least favorite part of quilting.

Here’s a look at my quilts…100% finished!!!

I really really wish I had saved some of the striped fabric for the border.  But I didn’t so I had to use the black fabric with little poppies.  I like it.  You all might not remember but this is the pattern my teenage daughter, Hannah, designed.  She was 14 at the time.

Next up…the Circus quilt.  I used the lime green blender fabric for the binding on this one.  I like how this one turned out too.  This pattern was designed mostly by mom with a little help from me.

You have to love Texas in January.  Everything in the back yard is dead and brown.  It looks lovely in my pictures.  Don’t you think???

I did learn a very important lesson today.  I really should decide on the binding fabric for a quilt while I have all the fabric in stock.  DUH!  I have 2 quilts that I didn’t bother to save fabric for binding and now the fabric is gone.  Completely gone.  So, I had to figure out plan B.  Nothing like scrambling to find something to match.  Or maybe I shouldn’t wait 1.5 years to bind my quilts.  Hmmm…that might be a better plan.

I have a quick question for all you wonderful quilters.  Do you sell your finished quilts?  If so, where is a good place to do that?  I’m thinking about selling the Circus Quilt but I’m not sure where I would list it or advertise it.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

16 thoughts on “My January Goals

  1. Great finishes! Sorry that I have no advice about selling your quilts but I can commiserate about searching the web to find matching binding for an older fabric line. Sometimes I get lucky on Ebay. I tend to buy charm packs and then whoops – need binding!

  2. They both look great! Lately I have lucked out to find extra fabric that matches in my stash for bindings. I am a mixer of all lines so it is easy to get away with doing that.
    Although your backyard might be all dead, at least it isn’t raining. It has been raining here for days and snow is in the forecast.
    I do sell some of my quilts on Etsy.

  3. Both are beautiful, but I really loved the circus quilt its colorful and cheering. I have never tried selling anything but found lot of people selling on etsy shop

  4. I bag out my quilts so I don’t have to bind them mwahaha

    I have an Etsy shop but not sold an actual quilt yet because they are high value. Rita of Red Pepper Quilts does very well on Etsy though.

  5. Great job on meeting your January goals!! I have had great success selling in Etsy (, but I haven’t sold quilts, only my dolls.but, I would think that would be a great place to start. etsy rocks.

  6. I’m so happy you finished your quilts especially the Circus one, my favorite. I am no help selling quilts because so many family memebers are waiting for a quilt! And I agree about buying what you need. I sure wish I had done that many times.

  7. A couple of great finishes. Good for you, Vicki!
    For selling [other than Guild n/ltr, Craig’s List, etc.] how about Etsy or eBay? Some have had great success wiht this. Good luck

  8. Congratulations on two beautiful finishes. I like your daughter’s design. I’m sorry I have no help to offer on selling. I have friends who sell, but with varying degrees of success, on etsy, ebay, and even local bazaars. None of them seems to be 100% effective. Word of mouth is probably your best advertising. Maybe hanging it in a local quilt shop with a price tag?

  9. I really like that black, white and red quilt! As for selling, I know a few people sell on Kijiji (like Craig’s list in Canada), but I think you’ll reach a wider audience on something like etsy and several people sell quilts on there.

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